[Debian] User for Tunneling

You need to connect to a VM behind NAT? Than use a Tunnel! But wait!? What if your friends needs also access? Create a User for only Tunnel! adduser <username> and after that, make sure he cant use the shell usermod -s /bin/true <username> and done! bye 🙂

[Debian] Ramdisk for moar speeed! (English)

Remember the days in which you created ramdisks in DOS back in the 80s? Well, those days still exist. Debian creates a ramdisk every time you start the operating system and it’s not reserved as an exclusive system function. You can create as many of them as you have RAM for. Personally, I have 64GB … Read more

[Proxmox 4] Subscription popup removal (English)

After installing Proxmox 4 you’ll probably encounter a popup with the following: You do not have a valid subscription for this server. Please visit www.proxmox.com to get a list of available options. If you don’t have a subscription this pop-up can be quite annoying so here’s how to remove it: sed -i.bak “s/data.status !== ‘Active’/false/g” … Read more

[Proxmox 4] Lets Encrypt your Proxmox WebUI (German)

Die Weboberfläche von Proxmox 4 lässt sich in nur wenigen Schritten mit einem gĂĽltigem kostenlosen Lets Encrypt SSL Zertifikat absichern. Vorraussetzung ist ein vom Internet erreichbarer Port 80 eueres Webservers sowie ein installiertes git. Letzteres kann per „**apt-get install git**“ einfach nachinstalliert werden. Ist das erledigt wechseln wir in das root Verzeichnis: cd /root/ und … Read more